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New Blog Features

Hey gang, that "tag cloud" that used to exist next to our blog posts was getting pretty unruly. Although it was pretty useful for finding posts referring to certain topics, there were so many tags that it was difficult to sift through to the important bits.

So with that in mind, I've added a couple of features to the blog - a search box and blog categories. The search box allows you to search for any term that has appeared in our blogs (such as the details or date for a previous benchmark workout). This is pretty handy if you have a pen and paper workout log to find out previous scores.

The Categories allow you to do some more directed reading in areas that interest you. Want to find some more motivation for training? Click on the Motivation category and browse through the articles there. A really useful one will be the Skills category as there will be many articles pertaining to how to upskill yourself in a variety of CrossFit movements.

I hope these changes allow you all to enjoy the information in our blog a bit more by making it more accessible and easy to use.

Great work on the MILLENNIALS wod, excellent teamwork and solid effort throughout!




WARM UP: 3 rds: 4 inchworm, 4 samson lunge, 8 glute bridge

SKILL: DEADLIFT - 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1 E90s

This is three waves, with the goal of going heavier each wave HOWEVER the first two should be smooth and not too challenging. Keep perfect form throughout.

Each set of 5 should be heavier, as well as the 3's and the 1's.

Recommended starting %: 60-70-80, then bump up by feel after that

WOD: Assault Bike Recovery

This is a wod meant to help you develop your energy systems and recover from the significant challenge of Millennials. Please stick to the recommended effort levels! No score for this wod

Rx: In a team of 3, rotating every minute for 36 minutes: 1 min each person @ 60% effort, 1 @ 75%, 1 @ 90%.

Your 60% should feel very easy (recovery pace), your 75% should feel moderate, and your 90% should feel pretty tough. Keep an eye on your Watts at each pace, there should be a significant difference between them

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