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Swods and Cwods!

Hey gang, our extra programming for Unlimited memberships officially starts Monday! I've put together a short video detailing what you can expect from the programming. Remember the deal is to use the small side of the gym for Open Gym time, so check the schedule to see when that side is open.

At certain times, it may be a bit busy, but work together to get your extra training done!




WARM-UP: 5 min Cindy - scaled as needed

SKILL: Bar MU or CTB practice - 10-12 minutes

Work on scaled variants of both if these are new skills (banded ctb / Jumping Bar MU from a box). Share bars and boxes as needed

CP: 10 min EMOM of sustainable reps

WOD: Partner 15.5

Take on this workout interval style! One person goes all the way through the round and tags off to the next person. Go FAST as you will have rest but aim to get all your thrusters unbroken!

*25 min cap*

Rx: 27-21-15-9 row calories and thrusters (65/95) each person

FG2: scale bar weight to 55/75

FG1: 21-15-9, bar scaled as needed

CP: bar weight increases each round: 65/95, 75/115, 85/135, 105/155

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