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Sore Wrist Fixes

Hey Vic City,

We do a lot of work holding weight in the front rack position (bar supported on shoulders in front of the neck). If you're new to CrossFit and therefore new to this position, it can be a bit painful on the wrists and forearms as your body adjusts to this new stress.

In the video below, coach Cam reviews ways to modify movements that involve the front rack position while working to improve your mobility so that the front rack becomes comfortable and stable. Thes modifications are also great if you are coming back from an injury or are looking for another way to create variety in your workouts.




WARM UP: Rowling 100m x 3, coaches choice of fitness reward!


Use 75-80% of best single lift from last week

WOD: Frogly

Another taxing wod for the quads, this one will work a bit more on your top end strength ability. Scale down or subsitute power cleans if your quads are still in recovery mode from Mon-Tues.

Rx: 10-8-6-4-2 of front squats (125/185) with

20-16-12-8-4 of pullups

FG2: 95/135

FG1: scale bar weight as needed, banded pullups

CP: up to 155/225, ctb, start at 12 squats/24 pullups

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