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Vic City Updates Jan!

Hey gang, lots of good stuff happening this month... read the points below to stay up to date!

1. There is a slight delay in the Open sign up process. You can still sign up however I am unable to register our official teams (Vic City Green and Vic City Black) until the CrossFit Games team releases the online judges course. So, sign up and I can move you onto the right team when that becomes an option!

2. We will be having a supplement sale until the end of January (starting tomorrow)! Now is the time to start taking some key supplements to have the best effect for the Open. Beta Alanine needs a 5 week window of continuous use to reach full potency so if you want to boost your anaerobic endurance, start taking it now! Creatine also needs a 2-4 week timeframe until the effects become fully evident.

3. Our next PUSH week is the week of January 29 - February 3rd. We'll be repeating some wods from the first PUSH week so you will be able to see your fitness progress! This is a great time to get a bit of boost in your conditioning and strength - far enough from the Open so that it won't fatigue you but close enough that the rebound in fitness will be well timed!

We'll finish off PUSH week with a community potluck on Saturday Feb 3rd, similar to our Christmas party - fun team wod challenge at 10am and potluck at 11am. Stay tuned for a Facebook event page!

Keep up the great work everyone, there have been some outstanding performances in workouts recently, especially in the team wods where you're all working together.

See ya soon,




WARM UP: Shuttle run partners - 1,2,3,4 alternated with rounds of 7 russian swings, 5 pushups

SKILL: DB Power Cleans - 5 x 8-12 reps, E2M

Work up as you get familiar with the movement!

WOD: Kebble

This is an individual wod and the goal is to push the pace like you will be in the Open. We've got a couple of skills that may show up (lunges and single arm overheads) and one skill that DEFINITELY will show up (pullups). Give it a solid push!

Rx: 14 minute AMRAP of: 12 DB/KB Reverse Lunges (goblet style, 35/53), 8 shoulder to overhead with KB/DB per arm, 16 pullups

FG2: regular pullups, kb 26/44

FG1: jumping pullups, scale kb as needed

CP: 44/70lb KB

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