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Online Judges Course

Mark O judging Kate C-A during the 2015 CrossFit Open - Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey all,

Every year preceding the CrossFit Open, CrossFit HQ releases the Online Judges Course. This course is designed for two purposes - 1. to train up / certify judges for the CrossFit Open who will be judging top competitors and 2. to help ANY athlete understand the movement standards for the CrossFit "season".

Each year in the Open there are movements that are uncommon to our regular programming as well as the regular movements that will be judged to the highest standards. Taking the online course does require a small fee ($10 US) but will set you up to know more about this amazing activity that we do on a weekly basis!

We also will need some qualified people to judge our top athletes as they set their sights on spots at the next stage of competition, the Regionals.

Check out the online judges course HERE.

It will take anywhere from 30-60minutes to complete but you can pause and resume at any time (i.e. you can do 10 minutes a day!) and you can ask the coaches about any stumbling blocks you may have.

I'll be taking it on Tuesday so I'll let you know how it goes!




WARM-UP: EMOM x 5: 8 KB Romanian Deadlift 6 KB Russian swing 4 Pause Goblet Squat

SKILL: FRONT SQUAT Waves: 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1, E90s

Each time you repeat the same number of reps, the weight you use should be heavier.

Example: first set of 5: 100lb, second set of 5: 110lb, third set of 5: 120lb

WOD: BAB to the Bone

This is a relay format team WOD. You will be in a team of 3 people.

Rx: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of: 5/10 Assault Bike Calories, 8 Burpees, 8 Box Jumps, 20/24

FG: adjust box height

CP: box facing burpee jump overs (24/30)

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