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HELEN Revisited

Data from beyond the whiteboard - percentiles and scores to shoot for! This workout should affect your Fitness Level if done Rx

Hey all, it's PUSH week day 1! Time to lace up those nano's or metcons and get after a twist on a classic wod.

In our first push week back at the tail end of the summer, we took on the workout "Helen". We'd been running quite a bit through the summer and it was a great way to express that fitness inside of a great CrossFit triplet.

This time around, it's not as nice outside and we've been doing a lot more rowing than running, so we're going to take on "Rowing Helen".

This workout is almost as popular as the other version, and for some of you, the times may be fairly close together... depending on your rowing versus running speed! The other factor in this workout is your grip endurance as all three movements will combine to tax your forearms, so break up the KB swings as needed and keep your hands fairly relaxed while you row.

REMEMBER to log your scores in BTWB as that is how the Kings and Queens of PUSH week will be decided!

See you in the gym!




WARM UP: Rowling - 3 x 150m, coaches choice of fitness reward!


Rx: 3 rounds for time of: Row 500m, 21 kettlebell swings (35/53), 12 pullups

Scaled: KB swings @ 26/44, band assisted kip or strict pullups

CASHOUT: 3-6 rounds of: 10 double crunch, 10 HR pushups, 10 reverse lunge (no weight)

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