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New Rx Burpee Standard

Hey Vic City,

One of the most basic, yet hated movements, the burpee, has a new Rx Open standard. Traditionally, falling face down to the floor and getting back up, regardless of what happened in between, would count as a repetition for a burpee. However, CrossFit has released a new standard for the Rx division, the burpee now requires a two foot jump back and a 2 foot jump up (stepping back or up is now considered scaling).

Regardless of your thoughts on the standard, it affects the Games athletes the same as it does the athlete looking to post any score prescribed. In the past, top scores worldwide have been performed with the step up variation. If you are looking to be as prepared as possible, there are a few steps I would recommend to take.

1. Register and complete the online judges course. Cam wrote a blog about the reasons why you should take it on. If you missed out on that, check it out.

2. Watch the video below of Matt Chan (2nd place at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games) explain how a few different versions might show up in the Open.

3. Practice! This might require some time doing a few reps, it might also mean mobilizing to better achieve the positions throughout the burpee. The closer you can jump your feet back to your hands the easier it will be, and that takes some mobility.

Keep pushing!




WARM UP: Partner plank + shuttle run (1,2,3,4,5 - 7 min cap)

WOD: 7 min Assault Bike Calories

In the tradition of previous PUSH weeks, we're hitting a monostructural "cardio" effort on Wednesday. This will be a very similar effort to a 2k row in that it will require a sustained effort with brief bursts at the start and the end of the 7 minutes.

Your main goal for the majority of that time is to stay just below your "redline" - i.e. staying uncomfortable but not so much that you have to back off as you go.

It is possible that a strategy involving a 5-7 sec burst at the beginning of each minute may pay off, but we'll have to wait and see on that!

Specific warm-up (coaches this is an 8 min cycle):

50 sec easy, 10 sec hard x 3. Rest off bike 1 min then 60 sec at your goal pace. Rest off bike 3 min then start the workout!!

WOD: 7 min cals on bike - read screen immediately upon reaching the 7 minutes!!

CASHOUT: Double under practice: 20 sec work, 40 sec rest x 6-10 rounds

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