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PUSH WOD 4 - Gymnasty!

Well, I'm sure you all "enjoyed" that great little Assault Bike test on Wednesday! Definitely a challenging fitness task that speaks to overall aerobic fitness (in addition to body size!!).

This next workout definitely favors the smaller athlete as it is all gymnastics movements. We did this wod in PUSH week #2 and it was definitely a challenge with the HSPU!

Note the option to perform a handstand hold instead of doing reps, and also the different reps for men and women on certain movements.

Scale to what is safe, and make sure to kick up securely to the wall with straight arms!




WARM-UP: E90s x 4 rounds: 10 DB snatch, 10 ohs with dowel, 4 inchworms


This is a 12 minute amrap. Break sets up before you hit full fatigue to keep your movements crisp!

Rx: 6/10 hspu (kip) OR 30 sec HS hold, 10 ttb, 10 pistols alternating legs, 10 ctb pullups

FG: 10 HR pushups, 10 hanging knee raise, 10 pistols to a box, 10 jumping pullups

CP: 6/10 strict hspu, 10 ttb, 10 pistols, 3/6 bar MU

CASH-OUT: 4 - 5 sets of Band tricep pressdown x 8-12, DB bicep curls x 8-12

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