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Bring it home

Hey team, excellent work this whole week taking on the WODs of PUSH week 3.0! It's been a tough week for sure, so what better way to finish up than to crush a workout with a couple of friends and then catch up over some great food??

Tomorrow's class times are our usual Saturday classes - 9am and 10am. You may want to bias towards the 10am class though as we'll be having a PUSH week potluck party at 11:00am! Come on by with some food to share, and family/friends are welcome :)

Once again, great work gang, myself and the coaches are super pumped to see you all do so well and have fun doing it.

See you soon




WARM UP: Assault bike 20 sec work (easy to moderate pace), 40 sec active rest (10 double crunch then jumping jacks) x 8 minutes


This is a wod in which you will compete as a team of 3. Each person on the team has 90 seconds to complete as many reps as possible before the next person goes. Work on making fast transitions between movements and executing reps quickly and efficiently! Your team's total reps is your score.

Rx: Each team member completes the following sequence 5 times:

1. 20 seconds of power cleans (85/135)

2. 40 seconds of wallballs (14/20)

3. 30 seconds of deadlifts (85/135)

You get to rest as your partners go!

FG: Scale bar weight and wallball as needed

CP: Scale up bar weight (125-155/185-225) and/or wallball

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