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Onwards to the Open

Hey all,

The 2018 CrossFit Open is just 10 days away, which means things are going to get REALLY exciting in a number of ways. I'm going to cover a few important pieces of information that you'll need to know for the coming weeks in this post.

Even if you're an Open veteran, you'll likely want to read through these points!!

1. We're going to have ONE team for the Open this year. This is a CHANGE from what I had planned but I think it is the right decision. The main reason is that we are ONE gym and ONE community and I think this is the best way to represent our crew with that in mind. So when you sign up, you can add yourself to "Vic City Black" (I can also do it for you!).

2. You have until Monday, February 25th to sign up for the Open but do it sooner rather than later! Go here: . We'll be doing the workouts in our Fri-Sat classes anyways so join the crew and see your rankings among all the CrossFit participants worldwide!!

3. There will be 1 event each week for 5 weeks. You'll have to submit your JUDGED score yourself via the CrossFit Games website each week. I recommend doing this as soon as possible after completing the workout, with the deadline being the following Monday at 5pm pacific time.

4. We will take turns judging each other in classes and in special extra Open competing times. Judging involves accurately assessing the validity of reps (full range of motion, hitting certain targets), NOT simply counting reps for your buddy. We will hold each other to the highest standards of movements to make sure our scores are honestly achieved.

5. We will have the following additional times to get your Open workouts in. Keep in mind, these times will be busy and you may have to wait a while to get your workout in, especially on Friday nights. If this is a concern to you, aim to complete the workouts during class times.

In most busy time scenarios, we will have a sign up board for heats and judging.

Friday - All classes will run the Open wods. Additionally, we will be doing a "Friday Night Lights" from 6-8pm. Traditionally the FNL have been VERY busy.

Saturday - All classes (9am and 10am) will run the wods. Additionally, we will be running another session from 1130-130pm.

Sunday - 9 to 11am we will run the wods.

Please write down these times, especially if you are planning on attending one of the additional Open wod times.

6. You will be able to participate as a "Scaled" or "Rx" athlete and you can flip flop each week depending on the workouts. Keep in mind that in the past, ANY Rx score (even 1 rep) automatically beats any Scaled score. So for best overall ranking, you may choose to go for any Rx reps you can get, even if it isn't the best workout for you.

7. Scores will be validated by me after they have been submitted. I have until Wednesday at 5pm to validate, so if your score doesn't show up right away, don't worry! You can check your score anytime and look at your ranking worldwide, in our Region (Canada West) and in your age group via

Lastly, this is a time to test yourself as well as enjoy how far you have come in the past year. It will be an exciting time as well as a stressful time, but by supporting each other we will get through it and do the best we can!

See you soon,




WARM UP: 4 min amrap - 6 med ball cleans, 2 shuttle run laps

SKILL: 2 snatches E90s for 10 rounds

Aim to build up as you go, power snatch or full snatch

WOD: Team Squeeze

Teams of 3 - 30min AMRAP, switching every 2 min

Row 6/10 calories, 8 over rower burpees, 1max rep wallballs in the remaining time. Your score is your total number of wallballs. No tag needed for the next person on your team!

Rx: wallballs @ 14/20

FG: scale wallballs

TG: scale workout duration and movements as needed

CP: heavy wallballs

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