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One Down

Hello all, what an outstanding start to the 2018 CrossFit Open! From a programming standpoint, I'd say that workout 18.1 is likely one of my favorite Open workouts to date - a great blend of gymnastics endurance, strength and coordination with the dumbbell, and overall aerobic power through the 20 minute time frame.

It also provided an opportunity for many of you to either get your first toes to bar, or in many cases, your 10th or 30th! It was great to see so many people surprise themselves at how well they did in both the Rx and Scaled categories. The Scaled workout was overall a tougher aerobic challenge and most people achieved a higher number of rounds by doing that version of the wod... so it wasn't easier!

I'm busy keeping up with all your score entries, so be sure to input your score yourself to PRIOR to Monday at 5pm. I have until Wednesday at 5pm to get all the scores validated but I should have them all done by Tuesday night at the latest. So as long as you have submitted your score, don't worry if you're not yet on the leaderboard!

This week's programming will be similar to last weeks - some faster paced metcon work on Mon-Tues and a bit of a taper on Wed-Thurs into the next wod.

Who knows what will come next? No matter what, I feel like we've done a good job of preparation and your results from week 1 are evidence of that!




WARM-UP: Dowel Game!

SKILL WOD: 1 Power Clean, 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk E90s x 10

Work up for the first 5 sets then hold for the last 5. Your last 5 should be in the 70-80% range of your best clean and jerk.

WOD: Short Hop

This workout is meant to be a little bit of exposure to deadlifts and a short but sharp exposure to some lactic acid in the legs. The weight on the deadlift is purposefully light so should be unbroken through each of the rounds. If the Rx is a heavier deadlift for you, then scale back accordingly!

As always, be very careful on your first box jump as it will be a LOT harder after the bike and deadlifts than it is normally!!

Rx: 10/20 calorie buy in on the Assault bike,

then 21-15-9 of deadlifts @ 105/155 and box jumps (20/24)

immediately into 30 wallballs @ 14/20lb.

FG: Scale bar weight and wallball as needed

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