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Guesses for 18.5?

Will any of these show up in the last week of the 2018 CrossFit Open?

Well gang, we are ALMOST there! 4 tough challenges down with one last wod to go. We've checked a lot of movements off the list, so the guesses about what is coming up are going to be pretty close I'd say!

So far we've had:

Toes to bar, DB clean and jerk, rowing, burpees, db squats, a max clean, double unders, ring and bar muscle ups, overhead squats, db snatches, deadlifts, handstand pushups and handstand walks! A pretty good mix of movements for sure.

What are your guesses for 18.5? List them in the comments and we'll see who gets it right!

Any way it ends up, we'll be ready to put a full effort in to close out the 2018 CrossFit Open "season". Stay focused and treat your body to some good mobility and great sleep this week.

Coach Cam



WARM-UP: Shuttle run with partner doing rounds of 6 squats, 3 pushups. 1,2,3,4 shuttle runs each

SKILL WOD (15 min): Alternating E90s x 5 each - 5 thrusters (bar taken from the floor) and 5-15 pullups of your choice

Challenge yourself with the thruster weight - keep the weight the same across all sets and it should be heavy but smooth. You can try DB's as well if you want!

Pullup options are kip, strict, CTB

Conditioning WOD: Assault bike in teams of 3

30 seconds each person on the Assault Bike x 10 (15 min). Adjust your intensity to survive for the 10 rounds!!

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