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Your Benchmark

Well gang, the 2018 Open is pretty much done. There will be some re-dos happening Monday (which I encourage if you're on the fence - nothing to lose and nothing to prep for this week!), and some settling on the leaderboard that will not fully shake out until early April.

But for most of us, the Open 2018 is over - and is now our current benchmark of fitness. Fitness (measured by CrossFit performance) varies year by year, and is definitely not a linear process for most people. There are injuries, illnesses, life changes, and other intervening factors that affect our ability to express fitness on an annual basis.

With that said though, your placing this year, whether you compare to your region, age range, or the world, is a snapshot of where you are RIGHT NOW. You have another year to build fitness and fill in gaps to improve your position, and as long as you are healthy, you can start right away.

Do not be discouraged though if this year wasn't your best performance. Like I said, fitness/performance is not a linear process and if we look at an overall graph of Open finishes, I'm sure most of you would see a general upwards trend... and that is what it's all about - long term growth.

It was amazing to see so many "firsts" this Open - definitely the most I have ever seen in any Open at Vic City - and that you should all be proud of. From the coaches standpoint, this was a super successful year and we are all so impressed with the effort and intensity you brought each and every week.

From now until the next Open, it is our duty to you (as always) to help you improve your fitness in as many ways as possible, and we look forward to that process.

See you soon,




WARM UP FOR THE WARM UP: 3 Rds of 5 pushups, 7 medball cleans

WARM-UP: Roxanne burpees!

WOD: Emom

This wod is not for a score but you can either take it easy to recover from the Open, or push the pace if you want a tough workout!

Rx: Rotating EMOM for 5 rounds between the following stations:

Row 7/12 Calories

10 KB or DB Shoulder to overhead per arm

Assault bike 7/12 Calories

10-20 wallballs

Rest 1 min

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