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Gym Additions & Improvements

Hey Vic City,

Over the last month or so, you probably started to notice some changes that have improved the space at the gym. I’m just going to point out some of these changes so that you can continue to use the gym to its full capacity.

One of the first development was the additional pieces to both Rogue rigs. Obviously this allows for a greater choice of bars when doing gymnastic work in the classes, and also additional squat rack areas.

We also had a much larger, deeper bag storage unit built. This was to alleviate the clutter of bags on the floor that take up warm-up space and might cause a tripping hazard. Ideally, once you unpack your gym paraphernalia for your session, please try to find a space in the unit for your belongings. If you wish to leave items, such as lifters or knee sleeves at the gym, feel free to store it in the cubby unit. If you don’t need a whole section please share with someone else not using the whole compartment either.

The new couches allow for a comfy seating area either before or after your workout. To allow everyone to sit on them, please find a space in the shelf for your jackets as well as bags.

If you are looking for a space to charge your phone, we have a few more outlets to use. The ideal area would be opposite the handstand push-up wall where people roll out. We had the stall bars removed and in one of the old cubby sections is an area with five open outlets to plug in your phone charger where it can rest on a shelf without any foot traffic.

We also have had some esthetics improvements. Between the two bathrooms is a elegantly finished shelf. This shelf is intended to be a mixing shelf for proteins drinks and the like. This will avoid some of the mess left on the bathroom sink and counter area, and is right above a garbage can if you happen to spill or need to dispose of wrappers or packaging.

The most recent of all changes is the coaches’ board on the wall of the office. All our coaches have a little profile picture and write up. Have a read over of your favourite coaches and the ones you might not know that well.

As always we strive to continue to offer the best CrossFit program around, and that includes having a great space for it. Thank you for your help in keeping the gym so fantastic!

Way back Wednesday to 2013 when Vic City installed the first flooring and Rogue rig. Coach Phil always in to do some work!




WARM UP: Dowel Game! 5-7 minutes

STRENGTH 1 (Score 1): STRICT PRESS - 10 min to a 3 rep max

STRENGTH 2 (Score 2): FRONT SQUAT 8 x 3 @ 75-80% of your best 1 rep from last week. E90s

Warm up well then hold the same weight across!


A tough combo of a finer skill (doubles) and effort (burpees). Good luck! 8 minute time cap.

Rx: 50-40-30-20-10 double unders with 10 burpees after each set of doubles (including the last round!).

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