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Skills Class - Video Analysis

Hey Vic City,

Since the 2018 Open concluded, we've had some increased energy at the evening gymnastic classes. The focus of the classes have shifted away from maximizing volume of the common movements that appear in the Open, and more towards learning and building new skills. Last week we spent our class focusing on butterfly pull-ups and handstand practice. All our skills in CrossFit take more than one class to get a full understanding, but I was impressed with all the athletes that worked through the progressions.

Butterfly pull-ups are not a replacement for strict or regular kipping pull-ups, but once we get more familiar with them, they can speed up reps when the goal is to go fast. When coaching athletes through the progressions, there was a common theme where it seemed the majority of people were getting stuck. This flawed took place with the direction of the hips. Verbal cues are great, but sometimes we need visual cues to get a better grasp of what we are trying to accomplish.

I have found the most success in videoing my own performance and comparing to my goal performance. Often slower speed videos is great to really pin point a flaw. Below is a video of butterfly pull-ups in multiple speeds.

I want to emphasize the direction of the hips on the way up. Following that initial arch bodied kip, we establish a hollow body position (pressing down on the bar, feet in front of the vertical plane of the bar and hips behind). From this position the hips need to travel STRAIGHT UP maintaining the position behind the pull-up bar (most people's hips travel up and in front of the bar - incorrect).

This requires to be patient with the pull and strong in the shoulders (delaying bending of the arms). To finish the movement, pull through, not over top of the bar, falling through with the heels coming back to reestablish that arch body.

Feel free to bring your phone to work on recording some of your skill efforts during gymnastic classes, this will make it easier to progress once you can figure out your personal flaws of different movements.

As always, I look forward to seeing you come out Tuesday or Thursday night from 7:30-8:30pm. Unlimited membership athletes are always welcome!




WARM-UP: 7 min AMRAP: 10 medball cleans (light), 8 double crunch, 6 pushups, 28 jumping jacks


So I think a lot about fitness and providing great challenges for you guys. The triathlon was born out of a need to keep pushing the aerobic development of our members without always resorting to the beloved Nurwor wod. There's a few versions of the triathlon that you'll encounter through the summer - this one is just the beginning! Enjoy - Cam

Note that this one is not for score, and you will switch stations E2M ... so use prior experience with these distances to know how to scale!

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