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Training aerobic ability isn't always easy - but it's worth it!

Hey all, the wod on Wednesday - Thursday was an epic one to say the least. Regardless if people took on the 18 minute or 36 minute versions or something in between, it taxed body and mind (maybe even soul?) through an aerobic challenge.

This type of wod is a bit of a grind but builds an incredible foundation of work capacity that will assist you in not only long workouts, but also in short ones where you need to recover quickly between movements. Sure, you could go out and try a 36 minute run, but the variety of movements in the VCT challenges the body in a much more comprehensive way and there is really no chance that most of us would hold such a high intensity of exercise on our own. It was great to see such strong turnout for a very tough workout!

When the dust settled, many of you did more than you had expected, which is a win in and of itself. Some shot for the stars but then fell back to earth after a valiant attempt at a higher level of scaling.

Two individuals though managed to take on the very top level of the workout and came out victorious. Matt Cleaver hit one of the Wednesday workouts and stayed strong through all 6 rounds to finish the CP men's version - the first and only man to do so!

At the Thursday 5pm class, expectations were high as Rachel Kalkman entered the building ... and she did not disappoint! Holding very steady rounds and having the control and fitness to adjust her pace as needed, Rachel secured the one and only CP women's performance in the Vic City Triathlon.

So well done to all and just a special shout out to Matt and Rachel! Expect to see another version of the VCT show up this summer, so get excited for that!!





SKILL: Bench Press 5 x 5 E2M

Build to a heavy 5 reps!

WOD: Gripster

This is an interval workout, where the goal is to max out your pullup reps each round... try not to pace as you go through the rounds!

Rx: 5 intervals of 90 sec each, with a 90 sec rest between. Total pullup reps is your score! In each interval perform:

- 21 kettlebell swings (35/53), 7 burpees, then AMRAP ctb pullups in the remaining time

FG2: scale weight of KB, regular pullups

FG1: Jumping pullups

CP: scale up KB, ring or Bar MU

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