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Age Group Qualifiers

Hey Vic City,

As you know, CrossFit has picked up huge popularity since the first Open in 2011. Regional spots each year are extremely hard to come by, even when you are in the prime of your fitness. Regional and Games' athletes are usually anywhere from 21-30 years old, giving those much older than that little motivation to be competitive... until the introduction of the Master's competition.

The Master's competition gives anyone 35 and older more to play for, on a more level playing field. The Master's divisions, are broken up in 5 year blocks, starting at 35-39 to 55-59 then 60+. More recently, two teen divisions are also in the mix for a separate competition. Teens 14/15 and 16/17 also battle amongst others in their age group.

To qualify for the Games in their age division, athletes complete the five weeks of the Open, just like you and I. Following the Open the top 200, worldwide, in each division will qualify for the "Age Group Online Qualifiers" which is essentially 5 or so more Regional-like tests that will be completed over the span of 5 days. From there, the top 20 athletes will earn their spot at the CrossFit Games.

Since the CrossFit Games is over 10 years old, athletes that were in their 20s and 30s then, have now moved into the Masters divisions. Last year, the 34-39 year old age division for the men, featured some extremely high level, well-known talent. The podium featured, Chris Spealler - once placed on the individual men's podium, Neal Maddox - multi-year individual male competitor, and winner, Kyle Kasperbauer - previous placed on the men's podium and team podium, prior in his CrossFit career.

This year, hundreds of athletes still have hopes of punching their ticket to the 2018 CrossFit Games. The workouts will go live this Thursday and those that qualified have until Monday to get their scores in. Next week we will know which Teens and Masters have qualified.

If you have interest in going to watch the 2018 CrossFit Games in Madison, WI, starting on August 1st, let me know, as I plan on making the trip for the 5th year!




WARM UP: E2M x 8 rounds: 30 sec bike, 10 russian kbs (light), 6 pushups.

In larger classes, stagger start by 30 sec intervals, run off the main clock. Increase bike pace each round.


This is an excellent test of overall aerobic ability and will form the basis for interval work that we will do over the coming 8 weeks. Make sure to record your score on Beyond the Whiteboard (free app and website for members) to keep track of it and other scores over time.

All Groups: 2000m row for time

Yes, rowing favors a taller body type but shorter people don't despair, crack away at YOUR pace and look to improve YOUR score.

CASH - OUT: Bench Press 6 x 3 E2M

Build to a heavy triple

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