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"...You Just Get Better"

Hey Vic City,

As a coach and a competitive athlete, I often get asked a version of the same question. That question generally comes from an individual that is in the beginning stage of their CrossFit journey.

"When does it get easier?"

The quick answer is, "it doesn't."

From our first WOD that we complete, we realize that this CrossFit stuff is tough. If we push hard, it is uncomfortable. Think back to the 2k row that we just recently completed. The people that have been doing CrossFit for years, and the newbies were in the same boat, if you tried hard, it hurt.

If someone relatively new, comes up and asked, "that was hard, when does it get easier?" The response can be, "it doesn't."

Although, it might not get easier, you will get better. Faster row times, heavier lifts, higher level gymnastic skills are all products of consistent training. While CrossFit WODs might not get easier, your scores will become better, and many other things will too. Our activities of day to day living will become less demanding. Yard work, and housework will become a breeze, and more endurance when chasing the kids or dogs at the park, are just a few of the benefits that regular exercise induces.

If someone comes up to you and asks, "when does it get easier?" You can reply with a smile, "it doesn't."

PC: Oscar Bravo


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM x 4 (12 min) - 1 to 3 wall walks, 4 laps shuttle run (run forwards one length, backwards one length), 4 to 8 burpees

WOD: Undersea

This is a 3 person team workout, in which you'll rotate through team members on the same rowing machine. Your total calories is your score at the end of all the intervals!

Rx: Each person completes:

30 sec row, 60 sec row, 90 sec row x 4 (36 minutes)

TG: 2-3 full rotations (18-27 min)

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