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Benchmark Strength - LYNNE wod

Hey Vic City,

Here's a unique workout that will capitalize on the strength work we've been doing for the past few weeks on the bench press.

Bench Press wods are pretty uncommon in CrossFit but Lynne is a great challenge of strength and muscular endurance, so it fits right in!

Unlike most CrossFit wods, Lynne has no time restraints - you can rest as much as you want between sets - which allows for a very strong effort on all your sets. For the purposes of the class running effectively though, we will be putting a 5 minute timer on to get all 5 rounds completed. We'll also have you start your pullups within 15 sec of finishing your bench press set to keep you moving through and to bump up the metabolic challenge of the wod.

Take a peek at the video below to see some high level athletes go through the workout... although maybe don't set your sights on their bench and pullup numbers!!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm - up: 15 - 12 - 9 of walking lunges, hanging knee raise, and DB/KB push press

Skill: Back Squat 8 x 2 E90s @ 75-80% of best recent single rep

Keep the weight the same across all sets!

WOD: Lynne

Something to consider if you aren't used to doing max rep sets of pullups is to keep your pullup sets strict for the first 2-3 rounds then kipping as you start to fatigue. Strict reps involve a bit less force and are easier on your joints.

Rx: 5 rounds (E5M for each round) for total reps of: Max reps bodyweight bench press right into max reps pullups

Start your pullups within 15 seconds of finishing your bench press reps.

We have a scale in the office to weigh yourself if you want an Rx score - regular gym clothes without shoes will be your weight, round down with .4, up with .6 (scale only goes in 0.2lb increments)

FG2: .75 BW or 95/135 for bench press, consider 3-4 rounds

FG1: .5 BW or 65/95 for bench press, banded pullups, consider 2-3 rounds

CP: 1.25 BW, +12/20lb weight vest for pullups

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