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Road to the Games - Ep. 18.02

Hey Vic City,

The month is already May, and that means that the Regional competitions are just about underway. The first weekend of Regionals start on May 18th, with three separate competitions - the East, Europe, and the South. In each of these regions there are the favourites and some underdogs that will likely steal some veterans' spots. Every year a fan favourite fails to qualify for the Games, either due to injury or just under performance at the Regionals.

No one is guaranteed a spot in Madison, WI at the CrossFit Games, but some athletes are more likely than others to qualify, just based on years and years of experience and talent. For the last couple of years, CrossFit picks some of the best known athletes and films a short segment on them for their, 'Road to the Games.'

A couple weeks ago, we posted about the release of episode one, featuring the top three Icelandic women. The second episode, more recently released, features the top two women in Australia, who also claimed the top two spots worldwide in 2017, Tia-Clair Toomey and Kara Webb.

The episode is 27 minutes long with some good content. Check this out and stay tuned for how to watch the Regional competition in a couple weeks time. If you want to check out any of the Road to the Games from 2016 or 2017, check out this YouTube playlist



Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM - UP: EMOM: 20 single skips, 5 burpees x 5 min

SKILL: Overhead Squat practice - 12 minutes refining technique on sets of 3-8 reps.

WOD: "Felix Does Nurwor"

Well, here we go! Another great dose of engine building that will pay off big time in any workout involving an aerobic component (which by the way is virtually all workouts - more on that later!).

Grab a partner and have at it - try to match yourself up with someone who will be running and rowing at your pace. One person will be running while the other is rowing, just like regular Nurwor. When you're running, DO NOT leave the gym until your partner has actually started their row!

Rx: Each person completes the following: 1k row & 800m run, 750 row & 600m run, 500m row & 400m run, 250m row & 200m run

FG: Start at 750 & 600.

Enduro: Double it up - skip the Skill portion, work your way down to 250/200 and then all the way back up to 1000/800 (45 min cap)

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