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Gymnastic Skills Class Facebook Group

Hey Vic City,

I've mentioned before, but we have had some great turnouts for the Tuesday and Thursday gymnastics class. For this reason I've thought it would be a good addition to create a Facebook group to offer a bit more information for the individuals that attend. The group will benefit you, and the classes in many different ways.

1. My primary reason for wanting to start this group is to help share information, such as technique videos, that will give you some progressions or visuals to check out as we work on a certain skill. Again this will be extra helpful if you take personal videos.

2. This will also give members the opportunity to voice their interest on practicing specific skills.

3. If you miss a class you can stay up to date on what you missed out on. The majority of the people attending make a solid effort to attend weekly, but things come up and I don't want you to feel like you are getting behind. However, don't expect the whole session to be posted ahead of time. It will be posted likely a week behind, so there is no cherry-picking sessions.

If you need another reason for upgrading to the UNLIMITED membership, here one is. Next time you come to the skills class, I'll add you to the group!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 5 min Cindy. Be prepared before class so that you can hold a good pace through these rounds!


In this workout, you will be in a team of 4 people. The goal is to push very hard during your intervals as you will get 3 parts rest to 1 part work!

Score is total calories achieved by your team as a running total. Coaches this wod should run for 32 minutes.

Rx: 16 intervals each person of 30s work on the Assault bike. Time will run continuously via the main gym clock, so be fast getting on and off the bikes!

TG: one hard interval, one easy interval

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