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PUSH WEEK & Summer Schedule

Hey gang, the time has come for another big PUSH in your fitness! Our two prior PUSH weeks have been a great success and we're excited to continue that tradition in the week of May 28 - June 2.

By participating in our quality programming every day of the week, you can expose yourself to a greater stimulus for fitness development - which will give you a boost once we return to our regular training format!

Here's what you need to know:

1. We will post different wods for each day Mon-Sat. We will not post SWODs or CWODs for the week.

2. Any member with a 2 days per week or more membership can attend ALL days (punch cards - 1 visit = 1 punch)

3. We will have CP, Rx, and Scaled versions of all WODs

4. At the end of the week, we will crown the top male and female in each category as Kings and Queens of PUSH week!

5. Three of the six wods will contribute to your ranking, and ALL scores will be tabulated by entries on BTWB

6. Prizes are as follows:

Top male and female in each category: 1 tub of the supplement of your choice, 2 Vic City shirts, and 1 decal

Second and third place in each category: Vic City shirt and 1 decal

PUSH week is an added benefit to your membership at Vic City but is not the only event that we will be running this summer!

We recently started a Facebook group called "Outside the Box" where members can post any fun outdoor adventures that they're up to for others to join.

In addition, we have a calendar of events for the summer that will be emailed through our upcoming Newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet, get on it!!

Here are some preliminary details for the upcoming months:

May 27 (Sunday): Members Scott and Nathan will be doing "double MURPH"

May 28-June 2: PUSH WEEK 3.0

June 3-June 4: Powerlifting Total (in class)

June 17 (Sunday): Vic City FONDO ride - fun group ride around Victoria

July 8 (Sunday): Beach WOD - all welcome to a fun fitness day at the beach

July 21 (Saturday): MURPH Challenge - fundraiser for Soldier On organization, several divisions to choose from

It's going to be a great summer of fitness!!

- Coach Cam



WARM-UP: Rotating E90s x 3: 12 DB Push press, 12 walking lunges, Row 60 sec


Build as you go to a heavy but smooth double, but only add weight every 2 sets


One of the original CrossFit benchmarks, Jackie tests your muscular endurance on three successive movements. Most people will get their best score by dialing back the row in order to attack the thrusters.

Rx: 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45lb for men and women), 30 pullups

Scaled: 750 row, 35 thrusters (35/45), 20 jumping pullups

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