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PUSH Week 3.1 Getting Gymnasty

Hey all!

We've traditionally had a gymnastics challenge as one of the wods in PUSH week and this time around is no different! This is an opportunity for you to express your skills by choosing the right scaling option and getting some quality reps in.

Keep in mind that whatever scaling you choose for this wod to day (CP, Rx, or Scaled) you will have to continue with that for the rest of the week to be eligible for the prizes in those categories!

Great turnout on Day 1, and quite a few PR's going up, which was great to see. Let's keep it going through the rest of the week!




Warm-up: 5 min medium pace: 4 shuttle run laps, 6 dowel or barbell snatch balances

Skill: Full or Power Snatch - 2 reps EMOM x 10

Work with a weight that allows for smooth and accurate reps. Keep the weight the same across all sets.


This is an AMRAP workout, where your total number of reps is your score. There will be CP, Rx, and Scaled options available in BTWB so be sure to log in the appropriate category.

CP: 14 min AMRAP of: 8 strict handstand pushups, 12 ctb pullups, 16 kbs (44/70)

Rx: 14 min AMRAP of: 8 kip handstand pushups, 12 pullups, 16 american kettlebell swings (35/53)

*the 8 kip handstand pushups can be substituted for a 1 min HS hold against the wall

Scaled: 14 min AMRAP of: 8 HR pushups, 12 jumping pullups, 16 kettlebell swings (18-26/26-44)

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