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PUSH week wod 3 - Aerobic Power!

Hey all, we are two wods deep with four to go! Tuesday was a great gymnastics challenge and the turnout was outstanding! Thanks for your patience in the 4-5pm classes, it wasn't easy getting people organized but we got it done in a relatively efficient manner!

Day 3 of PUSH week will tax your muscles but will challenge your lungs even more. We're going Aerobic through three sustained challenges that you will have to try and pace exactly right to get the best result.

Most of you will know approximately where you should stand for the row portion, but may not know where to be for the bike or the run. Set your pace on the row around your 2k pace, and if you're feeling good with 250 to go, pick it up from there.

The worst thing you could do with those two latter stations is do an absolute sprint out of the gate. They will both last about the same as the 1k row, depending on your running ability, so measure yourself for a 3 to 4 and a half minute effort. At the halfway mark, if you're feeling good, look to pick up your pace and then again at the last quarter for a strong finish.

Good luck, and enjoy the challenge!!




WARM UP: Rotating OTM x 4 rounds

1. 12 DB snatch

2. 6 Samson Lunge

3. 12 double crunch


This workout is all about getting the best time out of all three movements. You're going to need to push your threshold speed on each one to get your best overall time while avoiding blowing up on any one station.

You will get rest between stations but that rest is dependent on how fast you complete each distance!

All groups:

Start each station on a 7 minute timer (E7M)

1. At "0" on the clock, Assault bike 1.4 miles for fastest time (rest the remainder of the 7 minute period)

2. At "7" on the clock, Row 1000m for fastest time

3. At "14" on the clock, Run 800m for fastest time

Your score is your cumulative time from each station (not including rest time).

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