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Powerlifting Total!

Hey team, I know you are anxiously awaiting the final count for the Kings and Queens of PUSH week. Rest assured, they will be announced on Tuesday! Suffice to say it was an epic week and good job to all who completed all of the workouts.

As promised in our blogs earlier in May, tomorrow and Tuesday will be your opportunity to complete a Powerlifting Total.

The class time will be allocated strictly towards hitting a 1 rep max in three lifts: The Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. You will complete the lifts in that order (space allowing) as that is the order that they are competed in during actual powerlifting meets.

As opposed to having three attempts at a max, you will have a set time allotment to get as many lifts in as you need to get your 1RMs. Coach Adam wrote a blog (check it out here) not too long ago about how to set yourself up for success in planning your lifts.

You can get an estimate of what your 1 rep max is based on recent lifts of 10 or less reps (the lower the better) by using this calculator.

The best plan is to start with a couple sets of 8-10 with light weights, then a set of 6, a set of 4, a set of 2, and then into your singles. Believe it or not, doing a couple more sets (with appropriate rest) will give you a better result than jumping to a weight that is really heavy right off the bat.

Good luck, lift safely, and have fun. We want to execute high quality lifts with great technique that give you a true sense of your 1rm strength. We can use that number to calculate future work sets and also to compare to down the road.

Coach Cam



WARM-UP: 5 min cindy

WOD: Powerlifting Total

Three scores plus a total pound amount!

16 minutes at each station to achieve a 1RM

Station 1: Back Squat - full depth

Station 2: Bench Press - both feet FLAT on floor or plates, butt stays in contact with bench the whole time

Station 3: Deadlift - be aware that if your form deteriorates, you will be asked to step away from the bar!

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