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The Unknown and Unknowable

Hey Vic City,

Since its inception, CrossFit has been known to be a program that prepares individuals for the unknown and unknowable. At the highest level of competition, the CrossFit Games, some events are unknown until minutes before they begin. Therefore, elite athletes need to prepare for anything that can be thrown their way.

None of us are elite CrossFit athletes, but in no way does being prepared for the unknown and unknowable become any less important. For us recreational level athletes, our important challenges aren't the events at the CrossFit Games, they are centred around our work or personal lives. Regardless of how boring or repetitive our day to day duties may seem, they change drastically from one day to the next. No one can predict exactly what obstacles or challenges tomorrow will bring, and for that reason we need to be prepared... for anything.

Coming off of Push Week, I know many of you went extra hard, which is exactly the goal. One of the reasons for that is not only the physical adaptations that result from full effort, but the mental ones too. We train CrossFit for many reasons, a top reason for people is to live healthy lives. There may be a time we need to run from an attacker, or carry someone from a burning building, and we need the physical strength along with the mental ability to do just that.

Here's a video that CrossFit posted about an actor/comedian, Shannon O'Neil, who explains how CrossFit helps her with her job, and how the two have some similarities.





WARM - UP: EMOM Medball burpee ladder

4 reps first minute, then 5, 6, and 7! Jumping jacks in the remaining time each minute

SKILL: POWER CLEAN 5, 5, 5, 3, 3 E90s

Build each set as you go to a heavy but smooth triple. You may drop and re-set quickly between reps or hang onto the bar to do touch and go reps


This is a challenging workout for a couple of reasons, but is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout (and one of our leaderboard wods!!).

Scale the weight of the OHS as needed - even a dowel or training bar will create a great challenge - and push hard to get it done!

Rx: 5 rounds for time: Run 400m, 15 overhead squats (65/95)

FG2: Scale bar to 55/75

FG1: Scale bar to 35/45, scale rounds as needed

TG: Scale bar and rounds as needed

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