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Intensity is the key

Hey Vic City,

We operate a pretty unique training system at our gym that creates both impressive improvements in fitness while minimizing risk of overtraining and burn out. Most CrossFit gyms will program 6 different wods each week, leading to cherry picking (choosing which wods to show up to), training burnout (from trying to go hard every day), and an unbalanced stimulus as each person does a different selection of workouts each week.

By splitting our week into 3 primary workouts, all of our members do the same work each week. We practice the same skills, we are sore in the same muscles, and we move forwards together. We also have a higher average intensity as we have the energy to PUSH in each workout given that we typically have a day of rest in between.

Our system also creates smaller class sizes for better instructor to member ratio. If someone wants to do more, there is always that opportunity to layer on our gymnastics and weightlifting sessions, or our open gym time, but the base program by itself is extremely effective.

The video below discusses the role of intensity in training and how it relates to fitness improvements. It also addresses the idea of pursuing the high volume training of CrossFit Games champions and how that is actually detrimental to the vast majority of CrossFit athletes. Have a watch and let us know what you think!




WARM-UP: EMOM rotations x 3

1. 30 sec skipping

2. 30 sec DB Push Press

3. 30 sec walking lunge


We are starting a front squat cycle that will run for the next 6-8 weeks. This is an opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with the front squat, so use it as practice for the weeks to come.

Build as you go to a tough but smooth set of 5.

WOD: Simple Ton

This is a "simple" workout however it will be taxing as CrossFit workouts always are! Grab a partner and alternate rounds until you are done :) Aim to do your wallballs unbroken (so scale as needed).

Rx: Each partner completes 4 rounds of: Row 15/20 calories, 20 wallballs (14/20), 10 burpee box jumps (20/24)

FG2: Scale wallballs, burpee step ups

FG1: 3 rounds each, regular burpees

TG: Scale as needed

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