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Can West Game Shirts and MURPH update!

Hey all, it's an action packed July for sure with three big events set to go down: Beach WOD July 8, MURPH Challenge, and the Can West Games July 27, 28, 29.

Originally, I had set the MURPH challenge for July 21 but due to a few conflicts, we will move it to the preceding weekend. Saturday July 14 will be the new day to throw down on this epic workout, which I'm sure will put a bit of fear into the prospective participants!

I will be creating a Facebook Event for the MURPH very soon, as well as detailing the scaling options available. Last year we had people doing the full wod with and without vests, some did unpartitioned rounds, and some did a partner version alternating rounds of Cindy. So if you completed Incindiary, you can do the MURPH challenge with a partner, no problemo!


With a huge contingent of Vic City athletes heading over to the Games, we just HAD to get some shirts sorted out. There's nothing like having a big crew of athletes all sporting the same gear and repping our box while looking great.

We've got the logo sorted out and some proofs of the shirts shown below. The guys shirt and tank are a 50/50 blend and will be similar sizing to the current Vic City shirts in our store. The ladies tank is a crop top flowy style so shorter overall and a looser fit. We are also looking at a women's shirt option, so if you want one, let us know! We can order any size from S to XL so if you want one to rep for the team, fill out the order form with your details HERE!

(Once all orders are confirmed we will process payments)

Let's support our team and look great at the same time :)




WARM-UP: Rowling 3 x 216m, coaches choice of fitness reward

SKILL (SCORE): Clean and Jerk EMOM

10 sets of 2 reps, holding the same weight across (approx 70%)

Rest 4 min then

6 sets of 1 rep, holding the same weight across

(approx 80-85%)

CONDITIONING (FOR FUN): Assault Bike Calorie Waves

In teams of 3, AMRAP in 15 minutes

Each man does 5 cals then 10 cals then 15, then 20. After all have done 20, drop back down to 5.

Each woman does 3 cals then 6 then 9 then 12. After all have done 12, drop back down to 3.

Run the assault bike monitor continuously and just add cals to whatever is showing on the screen.

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