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True Grit

Hey Vic City, with the MURPH Challenge inbound this weekend, I thought it would be fitting to mention that two of our members are about to embark upon a true test of physical and mental stamina.

The SealFit organization runs a 50 hour challenge called Kokoro. This is meant to replicate the infamous "Hell Week" that Navy SEAL recruits have to endure as part of their initial training phase. Participants from all over the world train for a year or more to prepare for this event, as it is truly a complete test of one's physical resiliency and mental resolve.

This July 20-22, Scott Harlow and Nathan Isbister, both Vic City regulars, will be taking on this epic challenge. It will be conducted in the heat of southern California and involve sand, water, cement, rocks, logs, weights, calisthenics, and mind bending psychological techniques.

These two gentlemen have been training in an impressively grueling regime for the past year, with feats such as 7 hour marches with 45lb packs and Double Murph just a couple of the hundreds of hours they have put in. I have no doubt that they are well prepared physically and I think everyone who knows what they have done so far is already impressed with their efforts.

This will be Scott's second Kokoro camp, having completed it two years ago - an epic achievement in itself. This in no way will make it easier and Scott will be looking to get even more out of his time down in California this time around. You all know the capacity that Scotty has - his cardio ability and willingness to hang out in heavy discomfort are hallmarks of his dedication to physical preparation.

Nathan will be traveling down for his first Kokoro experience. Having known Nathan for about a year now I can tell you that he is at the same time intensely dedicated and extremely humble. He has grown tremendously in terms of physical capacity and certainly mental stamina through the tough training system that Scott has prepared them with.

For both of them it will be a journey, and I'm sure that the 50 hours will have many ups and downs. I think I can say for all of us that we wish you guys well and are with you 100% Not many would take on this event (or even think about doing it), but everyone can respect what it entails. If you see these guys hanging around the gym in the next few days, say hi and good luck, I'm sure they would appreciate it.






This is another two part workout, in which both components count towards your score! Work in a team of 3 to encourage each other and push to higher heights!

Part 1: 12 min to a 3rm Hang Power Snatch for each person on the team.

- bar only warm up

- can have two bars for mixed gender teams

- collars on for each lift

- only one person lifting at a time

Rest, clean up

Part 2: 6 x 90 second intervals each person, in relay format (i.e. one person works, the other two rest).


Rx: Row 200m, 6 over rower burpees, AMRAP Shoulder to overhead @ 75/115

FG2: scale bar weight to 55-65/75-95

FG1: regular burpees, scale bar weight as needed

CP: Bar weight 95/135

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