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MURPH Re-cap

Murph crew, minus a few!

Hey all, it was quite the weekend for Murph. The workout by itself is a huge challenge, and we added to that by running the event midday in the middle of July. As you all know, oppressive heat makes everything that little bit harder (or a LOT harder) and this in turn amplifies the achievements of the participants.

All in all we had over 20 people complete the challenge as individuals or in partnerships. We ran two heats, one at 11:15 and the other at 12:30 and Coach Heather kept everyone well in order for the whole event. Hats off to her for keeping things running smoothly!

We had judges assigned to each participant, as much to keep track of rounds as to uphold the standards. I have to say that across the board, the quality of the reps I saw was extremely high, especially when you look at videos of other groups taking on this workout. The pushup standard in particular was a tough addition however the result was that everyone held strong form on arguably the toughest exercise of the event.

When the dust settled we had new champs in ALL divisions, and a drop in overall average completion time!

Here are the top three in each Division (see pic for full results!):

Women Rx:

1. Kehly Stolz (45:02)

2. Bonnie Weyermann (52:??)

3. Mika Moric (60??)

Men Rx:

1. Adam Black (38:41)

2. Cam Birtwell (41:11)

3. Scott Harlow (41:20)

Women Intermediate:

1. Meghan Jerritt (40:24)

Men Intermediate:

1. Jesse Sandberg (40:50)

2. Mo Tayeban (41:45)

3. Brett Armhurst (42:30)

Women Pairs Rx:

1. Lauren Wong and Cara Miller (45:03)

Women Pairs Int:

1. Adrienne Bortolotti and Kristin Thompson


We had several people make HUGE strides in their performance from last year to this year, and I think that is worth some recognition! This is testament to their dedication to training throughout the year and in particular in the lead up to the murph challenge:

Bob Cameron took 4:01 off his time while ADDING a weight vest!

Matty Poon dropped his Intermediate time by 4:20!

Chris Van Steelandt crushed his 2017 time by a full 8:52!

Scott Harlow smashed 2017 Scott, dropping 9:05 off his Rx time!

And the biggest jump of the year goes to Kehly Stolz, who not only added a weight vest, but also chopped 7:23 off her Murph time!

Excellent work to all, and thanks to everyone for the donations and energy on the day. I will tally up the total donations and make an announcement soon.

Until next year,


Full results:



WARM-UP: 6 min AMRAP - 8 DB snatch, 6 DB push press per arm (same DB), 30 single skips


Build from the 5 x 5 last week by adding 10-30 more pounds by the last set of 3. You have 6 sets so don't start too heavy!

WOD: "Short Hop"

We took this workout on in February of this year, so it's a great one to look back on and try to beat your time! This is an opportunity to utilize Beyond the Whiteboard to help you plan your strategy if you have done the wod previously.

Rx: For time:

12/20 Assault bike calories (buy in)

Then 21-15-9 of Deadlifts (105/155) and Box Jumps (20/24)

Then 30 wallballs (14/20) to finish!

FG2: Scale deadlift weight (85/135) and wallballs (10/14)

FG1: Scale Deadlifts and wallballs as needed, 15-10-5 sequence of those exercises instead of 21-15-9

CP: Deadlifts (155/225), heavy wallballs (20/30)

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