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CrossFit Games App & Athlete Profiles

Hey Vic City,

Events, news, competition schedule, and much more can be found on the new CrossFit Games App. With athletes already done checking in, and events getting released, you won't have to miss any of the breaking headlines. You can browse the app at your leisure to catch up on what you may have missed over the action packed next 5 days. Hardcore fans can even set the app to send them notifications right to their phone's home screen, so they can be the first in the know. Search "CrossFit Games" in the app store to download the app, it's free!

Speaking of free, you are almost out of time to register to win $2M. If you need help to fill out your pick'em, check out the athlete profiles written by CrossFit HQ media staff, to give you a quick rundown of their past experiences. The men's list can be found here, and the women's list through this link. Your picks are locked as of Tuesday, July 31st at midnight. Join the Vic City group through this link, with the password 'relentless'. If we get a few more people to join we can have one of the largest crews in the competition.

If you want to see who the experts have in their 2018 Reebok CrossFit Pick'em bracket, watch the update show.




WARM - UP: 6 min amrap: 4 laps shuttle run, 20 jumping jacks, 10 american kbs


This workout is more of an extended version of skill practice under a bit of fatigue. It will give you a good opportunity to work on higher level skills so that you can do them inside of workouts in the future, or to solidify skills you already possess.

You can scale up or down depending on what you want to accomplish, and consult with your coach if you're not sure!

Every Minute on the Minute, rotate between the following stations. Note that the run will cover 2 minutes.

5 rotations in total!

1. Handstand Pushups / HS Hold / Regular pushups (8-12 reps or 20-30s hold)

2. Double unders or Single skips (30 or 60 reps)

3. Deadlifts (8-12 reps)

4. Pullups / CTB Pullups / Muscle ups (8-12 reps)

5. 300/400m run (this will be a 2 minute block)

6. Continuation of run

All groups - scale as needed!

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