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Fittest on Earth

Day 1 of the CrossFit Games has come and past, and there are three more days of competition. The first day almost lays to rest the question of whether or not we can call these athletes the Fittest on Earth.

Day 1 consisted of:

1. A 12k Bike Criterium race

2. A 30 ring muscle up for time challenge

3. A 1RM in three lifts (back squat, press, deadlift)

4. A marathon row (literally - 42,000m)

The question must be asked - who else can do all this, and put in good scores? The list MUST be small, and perhaps it only consists of the top CrossFit athletes.

Each year the challenge is greater and the case stronger to make the "Fittest" claim. Do you agree? If not, then who can claim that title?

Tune in to over the weekend to see more of the extreme fitness challenges these athletes will face.




WARM UP: Starting with a light weight and building as you see fit

E90s x 6 rds, with DB's/KB's: 4 hang power cleans, 4 thrusters

WOD: Pseudo

Originally the plan was to integrate a workout from the CrossFit Games but they are still holding some events pretty close and the ones that have been released aren't a great fit with this week's programming ... so I present to you a different challenge!

Rx: 21-15-9 reps of: Power Snatch 65/95, box jumps (20/24) and wallballs (14/20)

FG2: 55/75, wallball (10/14)

FG1: scale bar as needed, box step ups, scale wallball

CP: 75/115, heavy wallballs

Cash-out: Row 4-7 x 1 min in a group of 3 @ moderate pace (time dependent)

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