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Holiday Monday

Hey Friends!

It's a holiday Monday, which means only 2 classes will run:

9:30am and 5:00pm !

Also, the CrossFit Games just finished, and the events were absolutely outstanding. You can catch up on all the archived footage here:




WARM UP: Skill review and specific warm up for wod


This workout is a toughie, no doubt about it! The good thing is, you'll have a buddy to take it on with, so that should ease the discomfort just a bit.

Every 10 minutes you will rotate to a station. At that station you will accumulate as many reps as possible in the given task. Your team's total rep count at the end will be your score.

Given that classes will likely be large (especially on Monday), you will start at a different station than the given order.

Rx: Rotate E10M between the following stations, tagging off every minute with your partner.

1. 8 min AMRAP of: 10 STO (65/95), 10 air squats

2. 8 min AMRAP of: Assault bike calories

3. 8 min AMRAP of: 6 thrusters (65/95), 6 barhop burpees

4. 8 min AMRAP of: Row calories

FG2: Scale bar weight to 55/75

FG1: 6 min AMRAP each station, scale bar as needed

CP: Bar weight 75/115

Enduro: Solo effort throughout

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