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Basic movements proper execution

Hey all,

You're probably familiar with many of the cues our coaches use during class. The goal of the coach is to improve your quality of movement so that you are moving more efficiently and more safely.

What a lot of people forget is that changes made to simple movements (such as the press and front squat in today's wod) transfer over to more complex movements. So if the base movement is flawed then the more complex movement will be even more so.

We also see that lack of attention to detail, like keeping your elbows high in a front squat, leads to more technique breakdown and escalating inefficiency when under fatigue.

Sometimes it is daunting to think about executing "perfect" movement, but remember that technique development is a learning process. It involves re-patterning movement, which involves creating change in tissue and joint mobility, neurological signals, and conscious attention to the proper form.

If you can move just a little bit towards better movement each time, then over the many exposures you will have, you will end up with high quality patterns.

Take a peek at the short videos below to review the fundamentals of the front squat and press. Prepare yourself to work to move more effectively.

See you in the gym,




WARM UP: 5 min AMRAP: 5 medball burpees, 10 double crunch, 15 jumping jacks

WOD: "Rolling Thunder"

This is a unique wod challenge in that you will be rotating through three stations on a 5 minute timer, three times. Each time you get to a station, the challenge will be different. See below, and have fun!

All Groups:

* Empty bar until "go" on the first round of presses

* Large groups will have a staggered start or will start at different stations

* All lifts from a rack

* Only warm ups with your press weight are allowed prior to the front squat work period starting

0-5 minutes: work up to a 5 rm strict press

5-10 minutes: work up to a 9 rm front squat

10-15 minutes: 2 minute row for max calories (rest 3 min after)

15-20 minutes: work up to a 3rm strict press

20-25 minutes: work up to a 7 rm front squat

25-30 minutes: 90 sec row for max calories (rest 3:30 after)

30-35 minutes: work up to a 1rm strict press

35-40 minutes: work up to a 5 rm front squat

40-41 minutes: 60 sec row for max calories

You'll have four columns for your scores (1 column for your press total, 1 column for your squat total, and 1 column for your row total) and then an overall total score (add them all up together!)

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