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Obese to Beast

Hey Vic City,

Competing is only a minuscule part of CrossFit. At the forefront of the sport is healthy living and community. One of the most attractive aspects of CrossFit is a common passion for raising overall fitness and enhancing quality of life. Improving WOD scores is impressive but improving lifestyle and longevity is likely more applicable to the masses.

As a coach, and a lover of CrossFit, I take so much pride in working to better any individual's health, so that they can continue to gain overall wellness. CrossFit workouts and lifestyle is a fantastic path to achieve wellness. I just recently watched this video on John David Glaude, who has gained decades of life back after an early life struggle with food. He has used CrossFit and community to help him achieve something greater than top leaderboard results.

If you know someone that could benefit from joining our CrossFit community, send them this link for a free intro. I would love to start to guide more people in the direction to enhanced fitness.




WARM UP: EMOM rotate between the following stations for 3 rounds of each:

Assault bike 45 sec

Dowel OHS 6-8 reps

Pushups 6-8 reps

SKILL: Power Snatch 6 x 3 E90s

Build as you go to a heavy triple (can be drops), get all your reps in the first 20 seconds of each interval


This workout is all about fast movement in a series of sprint intervals. Work quickly on the bike to have time to accumulate reps!

Only the reps of the exercises after the bike will count towards your score.

All groups: work in a group of 3, with the first person going for 1 minute then resting for 2 minutes as the other two go.

Score your workout individually as a total rep count from all the exercises.


3 x 1 min intervals of 6/9 calories assault bike, amrap burpee pullups (bar must be above your standing reach)

right into

3 x 1 min intervals of 6/9 calories assault bike, amrap

wallballs (14/20)

right into

3 x 1 min intervals of 6/9 calories assault bike, amrap

ctb pullups

FG2: Scale wallballs and regular pullups

FG1: 4/7 calories, regular burpees, scale wallballs, jumping or banded pullups

CP: 8/12 cals, heavy wallballs, bar MU as an option for part 3

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