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Shoulder to Overhead Tech

Hey Team,

As you already know, "Shoulder to Overhead" is a catch-all term for any movement that brings the bar from the shoulders to a locked out position. Depending on the workout, selected weight, and your skill, you may choose one technique over another.

Ideally, you would have all the necessary skills in your "tool box" in order to be able to utilize each one when you need it.

In the video below, the athlete goes through a workout consisting solely of STO reps. You can see that she uses different movements (push press, push jerk, split jerk) as she goes. Early on she moves a lighter bar quickly with push press then adapts with a heavier weight and more fatigue.

Her technique isn't perfect though - can you spot where she could improve her efficiency?

Our own workout contains 45 reps of STO, so think about how you want to approach those reps to get the best wod result.




WARM UP: 5 min AMRAP - 10 walking lunge steps, 8 pushups, 6 Hanging Knee raise, 4 burpees


5 sets of 2 cycles through. Each cycle is: Power Clean, Front Squat, STO, Back Squat, STO.

E2M, build each set, touch and go between cycles

WOD: The Show

This workout is all about pushing the pace on the shoulder to overhead. Scale your weight so that the first round is unbroken and then try to hang on. Don't slack on the rows though, as the time can add up there as well!

Rx: 3 rounds: 15/20 cal row, 15 STO @ 75/115, then finish with one more 15/20 cal row!

FG2: 65/95

FG1: 10/15 cal, scale bar as needed

CP1: 95/135

CP2: 105/155

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