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Pat Vellner Canadian CrossFit Superstar

Hey Team,

Patrick Vellner is one of the top athletes in CrossFit today. His rise to the top tier of our sport took a lot of people by surprise, but his journey has taken a few years to get to this point.

He is an amazing athlete to watch, and in spite of some pretty bad things happening to him early on at this years' CrossFit Games, he managed to climb back up on the podium for the third time, securing a second place spot.

In this interview with BoxRox magazine, Vellner shares a bit more about his training and preparation for CrossFit competition. He has a pretty relaxed manner and trains at a lower volume than most top tier athletes, so his approach is pretty refreshing.





WARM UP: Assault bike in teams of 3, 1:2 work to rest ratio (7:30)

1 min easy

45 sec moderate

30 sec hard

15 sec build to max

WOD: Two Face (record as two separate scores in BTWB)

Today, you have a two part challenge, and you will get two separate scores out of it. The trick is that how you perform on part 1 will determine how hard of a challenge the second part is.

For your best training effect though, work hard in BOTH parts!

Two Face PART 1: Front Squat - 14 min to attain a heavy single for the day. Follow this pattern for warm-ups: 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 ...

Timer starts with no plates loaded on the bar

All sets with collars on

Two Face PART 2: Calculate 40% of your heavy single front squat


Rx: 20-15-10-5 of front squats @40% (bar taken from floor) and Assault Bike Cals (women 16-12-8-4 cals)

FG1: regular burpees

TG: start at 15

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