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All EMOMs are not equal

Hey all,

Last week you all took on the EMOMSTER workout. It was an intensive emom, meaning that you spend a series of minutes working intensively on one movement before moving on.

That type of EMOM is great for building volume in skills that you already possess and are quite familiar with. It is tougher in that you encounter more and more specific muscular fatigue as the minutes roll by. It really helps you to prepare for chipper style workouts with large chunks of reps in a row.

The other type of EMOM is a "rotating" EMOM, in which you switch to a different movement each minute. In this case, you can "recover" certain muscles or movement patterns while doing a different movement. This allows you to push a bit harder in each exercise, or try some harder scaling knowing that it will be a certain time before you come back to that same movement.

This week's EMOM is the rotating style, so see if you can ramp up to a higher weight, rep count, or difficulty level on some of the movements in the rotation (not all of them at once!).

See you in the gym,






Rotate every minute on the minute to the next station. Aim to hit the same reps each round, but feel free to ramp up as you go if your target reps are set too low!

6-8 rounds total (24-32 min). Scale number of rounds depending on your fitness level and the difficulty of the movements you have chosen.

1. Bar Muscle up / CTB / Pullups / Ring Rows (2-8 reps)

2. Row Calories 10-20 OR Double Unders 30 reps

3. Deadlift / Front Squat / heavy KB Swing (2-8 reps)

4. HSPU / HS Hold / Pushups (2-8 reps)

There is no score for this workout, so focus on quality movements throughout!

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