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Hey gang, we do a fair amount of the original crossfit "benchmark" workouts here at Vic City. They don't comprise all of our training but are definitely the focal point of a lot of our training cycles.

For these workouts, each of us has our own best speed ... and hopefully over time that speed is improving! Sometimes though it is good to see what the absolute best possible speed is in a workout.

There are no shortage of "Fran" workouts on the internet, but very few have high standards to go along with high speed. This video is different. Mitch Wagner, CrossFit Games competitor in 2017, throws down this classic workout with not only incredible speed but also a high degree of skill.

Take a look at his cycle time on his reps and how much power he has in the thruster. These are testament to his high level of strength (making that 95lb bar lighter) and conditioning (to sustain the output through the workout). Pretty cool to watch!




WARM UP: 5 min amrap: 5 medball burpees, 5 medball cleans, 10 dowel dislocates

SKILL: warm up well for the wod!

WOD: Power Switch

This is a team workout, in which you will switch whenever you need to in order to get the reps done. Try to maintain a good speed of reps, and when they start to slow down, let the next person have a go!

Rx: as a team complete the following for time!

120 reps power snatch (65/95)

90 box jump overs (20/24")

120 wallballs (14/20)

900m running as a group

120 reps shoulder to overhead (65/95)

FG2: 55/75, box step up + overs, wallballs 10/14

FG1: 90/60/90/600/90, scaled as needed

CP: aim for 40 reps unbroken on barbell and wallball movements, 30 reps individually on box overs

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