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Better with friends

Hey all, one of the best things about CrossFit is that it isn't an individual experience. When you show up for a workout, you're participating with a group who are all pursuing the same thing - higher levels of fitness. This group effort is motivating, inspiring, and encouraging.

When you work out alongside others, it is proven that you not only work harder, but it that it feels less hard than if you were to do the same effort by yourself. That fact alone points to the idea that humans respond well to a group setting.

At Vic City, we program more partner and team workouts than most gyms. This is on purpose as we want to not only have that boost effect from working with one to three people directly, but also want to create stronger connections between people. There's nothing like working hard and suffering a bit along the way with another member right there with you.

So, as always, enjoy the process, and when an opportunity comes up for a team or partner workout, don't be afraid to team up with someone you don't normally train with. They could be your next great motivator!




*9:30am and 5:00pm classes only on Monday*

WARM UP: Rotating EMOM x 2

1. 40 sec assault bike

2. 8 pushups, 8 lunges

3. 16 double crunch

WOD: Frito

This is a partner workout, in which you can switch who is working at any time (except where specified). All reps are total reps between you and your partner.

You will need to tag your partner to make a switch!

Rx: For total time -

40 - 30 - 20 reps of thruster @65/95 and CTB pullups

right into

2000m row OR 1600m run (switch at 500/400), 60 hang power cleans @ 65/95, 80 pullups

right into

100 back squats @ 65/95, 300 double unders

FG2: regular pullups throughout, scale bar to 55/75, 100 double unders

FG1: Jumping pullups sub for ctb, ring rows for regular pullups, scale bar as needed, 300 single skips

CP: Bar weight 85/135

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