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Open Gym Update

Hey all,

It's great to see so many people supplementing classes with open gym time. Each person has individual skills they want to perfect or that target workout they want to take on, and open gym is a great time to do that.

It's been hard to manage people trickling into non-open gym time slots though so we have a solution to that.

From now on, there will be a capacity of 12 people in the main training space, which can include a mix of class participants and open gym users. If there are less than 12 people in the class, you can use the main gym space for open gym ONLY if you ask the coach first. Regardless of the number of participants in the class, the coach has the final say on whether or not you may train!

This has no bearing on class attendence - we will still accept any and all members who show up for any given class!

This system isn't perfect and it will be first come first served... so your best bet is still to target the designated open gym times when the small side of the gym is open.

Please abide by the above guidelines as it will keep everyone safe and happy and make sure that our classes continue to be efficiently run.


Your Vic City Coaching Team



WARM UP: "Roxanne" with your choice of Medball cleans or KB taters!


This session is similar to our EMOM two weeks ago - in that you will stay with one movement for a series of minutes before moving on.

Choose your reps and scaling wisely to keep great quality throughout!

All groups:

Stay at the same station for 5-7 minutes (25-35 min) before moving to the next one.

The scaling is not only in the movements you choose but also in the number of minutes you stay at one station. All members will rotate every 7 minutes, so if you are doing 5 or 6 minutes as a scaling option, you rest for 1-2 minutes before transitioning.

1. Ring Mu / Ring Dips / Ring Rows 2-8 reps

2. Row 150-250m

3. DB movement of choice (DB thruster, power cleans, snatches, OHS, push press) 2-8 reps

4. Wallballs / Air Squats / Lunges 6-12 reps

5. Burpee BJ over / regular burpees 2-8 reps

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