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At the end of your rope

Hey all,

You've probably noticed that our collection of communal skipping ropes is looking a bit thin these days. A combination of a lot of use, some changes in temperature, and simply just some old ropes has resulted in several of them breaking in the past two months.

I'm in the process of finding some suitable (and durable) replacements so that you all can effectively complete workouts with doubles or singles. We should have a crop of new communal ropes in by about 2-3 weeks from now.

A better option for performance though is to simply buy your own rope! We have Rogue bearing ropes stocked in our store, and they not only last a long time, but are also speedy and take less energy to spin!

These ropes come in both a long handled and short handled variant, and really it is up to personal preference as to which one is better. The word on the street from pro level jump rope athletes is that a longer handle allows for more rope speed, so that's something to consider!

If you're in the market for a rope, spin by the office and check them out - $37 each, no shipping or tax added, and you can customize them to your specific height and jumping skill.

We also have replacement cables for Rogue ropes if yours is starting to wear a bit thin - $12 and you can have a pink, green, or blue cable to set your rope apart.




WARM - UP: 3 rounds - 8 T-rotation planks, 10 russian kbs, 12 lunges


This workout has two parts and you will add your weight (part 1) and reps (part 2) together to get your overall score.

WOD PART 1: 14 min to a 2 RM thruster (taken from the floor or rack)

- warm up with empty bar

- reps have to be done consecutively but can pause at lockout or at shoulder

WOD PART 2: 10 minute AMRAP

Take your 2 RM thruster weight and this will be your barbell weight for the AMRAP

Rx: 7 Deadlifts, 7 pullups, 14 air squats

FG1: Banded pullups

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