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CrossFit Health

Hey Vic City,

If you follow the CrossFit Games at all, you've probably heard about the major changes coming to the upcoming seasons regarding the structure of the Games. Whenever details are requested to gain more understanding on these changes, CrossFit HQ repeatedly replies saying all the information will be in the (still unreleased) CrossFit Games Rulebook. The alleged reason for the changes, is to focus CrossFit more on the health aspect over the competition side.

I've heard there have been more people who have lost 100 pounds through CrossFit than have competed at the CrossFit Games. Recently published in the CrossFit Journal was another inspirational example of the success of CrossFit as a tool for health. Below is part of the article titled, "Face a Fear, Drop 100 Pounds"

(click the link for the full article).

"In late September 2017, Mario Newton pulled into the parking lot of CrossFit Logan Martin in Pell City, Alabama. He had just parked the car and was about to walk in when he saw a group of people run out the gym door carrying medicine balls. At 5 foot 4 and close to 300 lb., Newton wasn’t sure he could run, much less run while carrying a 20-lb. medicine ball. Newton turned the key in the ignition and started the car. “I’m not gonna do it today,” he thought as he drove away. Once home, Newton regretting leaving. He told himself he’d go inside tomorrow. So the next day he pushed down his fear and returned to CrossFit Logan Martin. This time he turned off the car, got out, and opened the door. What he saw surprised him. “I saw people that are just like me,” Newton said. “People that are going through the weight-loss process, people that are obese and still doing that type of activity.” The decision to overcome his fear and walk through the door opened up a world he thought was closed to someone like him, someone overweight, out of shape and desperate to make a change. The decision would change his life."

Quite often when talking to new members or people interested in CrossFit, they bring up the concern that they aren't fit enough to start CrossFit. That is not the case. If you don't already do CrossFit the best time to start was yesterday. Even if you don't have 100 pounds to lose, CrossFit is the start of a healthy fitness journey. Weight lose is just one indicator of health, however many other measures can be improved with CrossFit, such as mobility, balance, blood pressure, blood-glucose levels, etc., etc.

We all have goals and reasons as to why we started CrossFit. Don't forget to come back to those reasons, and feel free to share them with other members or your coaches. Individual reasons could vary drastically, but could include - gaining fitness for an occupation's physical exam, being about to play with your growing children or grandchildren, or even just gaining self-confidence in your body. It never hurts to have another person knowing what you are working towards to help you stay on track.

See you in class!


Regardless of your individual goals, a close community can help you get there.



WARM UP: Rowling 3 x 100m

Coaches choice of fitness reward


This workout involves working with a partner to accumulate reps at a series of stations. At each station, you will work for 8 minutes, switching with your partner each minute. At each station, you will have two movements to complete for max reps.

After each 8 minute station, there will be a 2 minute rest before moving to the next station.

Good luck!


Station 1: Assault Bike 30 sec + Plate Floor to overhead (35/45) 30 sec

Rest 2 min

Station 2: DB / KB STO 30 sec (30-35/50-53) + Reverse Lunge 30 sec (same weight)

Rest 2 min

Station 3: Row calories 30 sec + Burpee over rower 30 sec

FG2: plate weight 25/35, DB/KB 20-26/40-45

FG1: scale weights as needed, regular burpees

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