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Instantly improve your rowing technique

We do a decent amount of rowing in our workouts. It's an incredible training stimulus and a great substitute for running when the weather gets a bit less sunny. Just like the Assault bike, the rowing erg hits your upper and lower body (and your lungs and heart) all at the same time.

Rowing on the erg does take a bit of practice though - especially when it comes to the timing of the stroke and the body positions you need to pass through.

The video below contains one of the simplest yet best pieces of advice for setting yourself up for success right off the bat. If you think about it, the very first thing you do when you start rowing is you sit down on the seat. If you get this part wrong, the whole system can fall apart.

Watch this short video and take a look at the massive difference that sitting RIGHT does to your posture versus sitting wrong. Just like an Olympic lift, set up right to get the best result!


Just try to ignore the clickbait thumbnail - it's a good video!!



WARM - UP: 4 rounds - 3 laps shuttle run, 12 alternating glute march (floor), 6-12 pushups

SKILL: Thruster (or clean thruster) 8 x 1 @ 85-90% of your 2rm from last week, OTM

Take 85-90% of your 2 rep max thruster that we did in class last week. This will be your working weight for ALL of your sets, so warm up well.

Bar can be taken from the rack or from the floor as a clean thruster (cluster)

WOD: Splintervals

Five 2 minute rounds for max wallball reps. Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds. The kettlebell swing is just a buy-in!

Total up your wallball reps at the end of the workout.

Rx: Each round: 20 russian kbs (44/70) and amrap wallballs (14/20) in the remaining time.

FG2: 35/53

FG1: Scale KB and wallball as needed

TG: 3 rounds

CP: Heavy wallball (20/25-30 - can use rubber medballs for 25's)

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