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10 Components of Fitness

Hey Vic City,

During this past week, because of a few conversations I had, I thought we could use a refresher on the 10 components of fitness, and some of the importance or application to each of them.

The 10 components of fitness are:

1. Cardiovascular Endurance

2. Stamina

3. Strength

4. Flexibility

5. Power

6. Speed

7. Coordination

8. Agility

9. Balance

10. Accuracy

In CrossFit, we work at improving all these aspects to help us live a happy, healthy, independent life.

The Monday-Tuesday class WOD, we experienced some wallballs (well probably a lot of wallballs). During the wallball, you could argue that almost all, if not all of the components of fitness are being addressed. The one I'd like to draw special attention to is accuracy.

Too many times I witness the medball not hitting JUST above the target line for the wallball shots. I'm confident that we understand the goal of the wallball is to have the ball hit the wall above the line. If we don't hit JUST above the line, those reps lack accuracy. Regardless if we are 'no repping' the attempts that don't hit above the line or not (that is a different conversation), we still need to develop the component of accuracy.

If the ball is hitting below the line it is a no rep, and the attempt lacks accuracy. If we are hitting too far above the line, that is a good rep, but we still lack accuracy. With accuracy we need to finesse the ball to exact spot, that way to not waste too much energy by throwing it too high, but still getting it high enough to get credit for the rep.

Wallballs are an easy example of accuracy, but there are an abundance of movements that require a high level of accuracy. The snatch is another movement where we need to possess accuracy, we need to finesse the bar to the exact spot overhead to have a successful lift. The level of accuracy is only magnified the heavier we lift, the more we lift, the greater accuracy we need.

Don't sacrifice accuracy in our movements. Work on developing that component of fitness, just like we work at improving the other elements of fitness.

Vic City Shirt Contest! The Team Series starts this week. As mentioned previously, we will be running some of the workouts during the Friday-Saturday class. If you wear a Vic City shirt, from any era, during the class WOD on Friday-Saturday you will be entered to win a tub of protein! Want to double your chances of winning? Wear it again (or another one) next week on the Friday-Saturday WOD for the second and final week of the Team Series. Don't have a Vic City shirt? You can buy one and be entered! The draw will be a random selection following the conclusion of the Team Series.

Good luck, and can't wait to see those Vic City shirts!




WARM UP: 5 minutes of Cindy, scaled as needed!


This is what we've been building towards by doing the previous emom workouts. Today your fitness will be tested in a format similar to the famous "Fight Gone Bad" Crossfit wod - where you rotate every minute to a different station, aiming for max reps at each one.

Pace yourself a bit, but work hard to put in your best score!

Rx: 3 rounds for max total reps

1 minute 1 arm DB Hang Clean and Overhead (CF Open style - switch arms when you want - 35/50lb db)

1 minute CTB pullups

1 minute Assault Bike calories

1 minute Burpee Box Jump (20/24)

1 minute rest

FG2: DB 20-25/40-45, regular pullups

FG1: Scale DB as needed, jumping pullups or ring rows, regular burpees

CP: Ring muscle up sub for CTB, 50-55/70-75lb DB

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