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Team Series Week 1

Hey Vic City,

This year's Team Series is a compact competition with a lot of scores in a short period of time. We just finished the first week of workouts. As a class we did two of the four, and interested pairs even came in to complete the other two WODs, to get scores on the worldwide, online leaderboard. Just like last week, this Friday-Saturday class WOD will be from the Team Series - this week from the final set of tests released on Wednesday at 5pm.

Keep in mind, that if you wear any Vic City shirt during either of the Friday or Saturday class workout, you will be entered to win a tub of protein. We have last week entries in, but you can even earn a second entry, so wash those shirts and get ready for another challenging, yet fun instalment of the Team Series.

With CrossFit shifting their focus from competitions to health, I'm not sure how much media coverage the Team Series will have. I know personally, I enjoy watching video submissions from Games athletes, or top scores on each workout, to see how fast one can actually go on a specific WOD. Since there might not be many videos, here's a short video posted by well-known gym, CrossFit Krypton, owned by Ben Smith, 2015 Fittest on Earth, of their many teams that are participating in the Team Series.

If you want to see where you or your friends ranked, check the leaderboard. You can filter by division (Males, Females, or mixed), region (Canada West), and by workout.

See you in class!




WARM UP: AMRAP 7 minutes: 2 shuttle runs, 10 double crunch, 2 shuttle runs, 5 medball burpees OR medball cleans


A cardio workout of epic proportions! Key with this is to stay consistent with your output on the bike and rower - watching Watts or RPMs on the bike and Cal/hr on the row. A good burst at the start of each interval will get you up to speed quickly!

Teams of 3!

Rx: 3 minutes on the Assault bike, switching every minute then 3 minutes on the Row erg, switching every minute. That is one round, you do 6 in total (36 min)!

TG: 3-4 full cycles

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