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Some guy named Mat thinks you're awesome

Hey all, what a great showing in the Wed - Thurs wod this week! There were some super impressive numbers across the board, with tons of people hitting PR's in one or more of the challenges.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's amazing what strength improvements can be had even when not lifting to max all the time! A lot of programs over-emphasize maximal lifts (often at the expense of proper technique) but don't perform as well on testing day. This is likely because their athletes are continually breaking down under the strain.

By using most of our skill sessions as "training/foundation" strength work, you are building better efficiency through optimal movement patterns. If we forced you to max out every session, it wouldn't take long for form to take a back seat to getting a heavier lift.

It's really rewarding for us as coaches to see you all progressing so well and adhering to high movement standards. For sure that's partly due to our direction, but a lot of it has to do with your individual attention to proper technique.

Once again, great work and some really impressive numbers! Keep it up.






This workout is composed of 4 short AMRAPs, separated by equal amounts of rest. Each AMRAP presents a different challenge so try to maximize your score in your wheelhouse movements and do damage control on your goats!

In larger classes, you will start at different stations.

Rx: 4 x 4 minute AMRAPs, 4 minute rest in between

1. 10 american KBS (35/53), 6 KB "walkover" pushups

*for a walkover pushup, you must extend into the top of a pushup then move your body laterally over the height of your kettlebell in a kind of sideways moving plank. Your torso must cross over the kettlebell, not your head.

2. 6 DB or KB thrusters (28-35/45-50), 10 pullups

3. 6/10 cal Assault bike, 30 double unders

4. 20 air squats, 10 ttb

FG2: Scale to 15 du/15 singles, scale kb/db weight by 10-15lb

FG1: hanging knee raises/double crunch and jumping pullups, scale db/kb as needed

CP: #1: 44/70 kbs + muscle up into 6 dips (first dip doesn't count), ctb pullups for #2, option of GHD for #4

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