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The worst way to run a mile?

Hey all,

Running a mile is a pretty rugged challenge. It requires sustained speed to hit a great time, which would be somewhere in the 4:30 to 5:30 range for very strong runners and into the sub 4 minute range for elite runners!

For us mere mortals, running a 6-7 minute mile is challenge enough and that's a tough duration to hold a some decent speed.

There is a worse way to run the mile though - and that is to run it as a "Beer Mile". The Beer Mile is internationally contested and incorporates drinking a beer at the beginning of each lap.

That special combination of being able to "chug" a beer and also lay down a hot time for the mile is a rare ability, however Canadians seem to have a knack for it. Victoria's own Jim Finlayson can do it in the 5's and it now appears that the world champion is also a Canadian - Corey Bellemore from Windsor Ontario.

Take a peek at the video to see exactly what takes place in these races and how Corey prepares his body for this unique (and probably kind of awful) challenge!

Maybe we'll have to stage a "Zevia Mile sometime soon!




WARM - UP: 3 rounds with an empty barbell - 5 deadlifts, 4 hang power cleans, 3 push press

2 samson lunges per leg between each round


This is a pretty challenging AMRAP in that you are dealing with typically heavier weights and harder skills than usual. Control your pace and make sure that your Deadlift weight is manageable for 4-6 rounds (i.e. 20-30 reps total).

For those of you with existing or prior back issues, a good sub would be high handle trap bar deadlifts at reduced loads or Reverse Lunges with DB/KB held by your sides for 5 reps per leg.

Rx: AMRAP 12 minutes of: 5 Deadlift (195/275), 7 HSPU, 9 high box jumps (24/30)

FG3: DL scaled to 155/225

FG2: DL 125/185, scaled ROM hspu and box height

FG1: Scale DL weight as needed, box step ups, 30 sec HS hold or 14 HR pushups

CP: 225/315, deficit hspu (35/45+25)

CASH-OUT: 5 rounds of: 8-10 hard ring rows, 6-10 slow T-Rotation Planks

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