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I was thinking of other random sports and as I reviewed this weeks programming I noticed we had medicine balls for our cash out and remember reading about a sport similar to tennis or volleyball from back when I completed my Level 1. I looked back at my crossfit literature and I rediscovered Hooverball. Being an American myself I am proud to say this sport was developed by an American, former President Herbert Hoovers personal physician. Designed to keep then President fit and active, and like Spikeball this sport is apparently gaining popularity and momentum to even have national championships as I found during my research for this post.

Hooverball is played on a volleyball size court, using a 6-10lb medicine ball and scored like tennis. You serve by hurling or throwing the ball over the net to the other team who must catch the ball and then return the ball from the same spot they catch it at. No running with the ball or passing it to other teammates. Sounds like it would be a good test of agility, speed, core control and power. Plus, entertaining to see how some of us would try to throw such a large object, but many would be happy to throw it rather than do wall balls with it.

Perhaps we can set up a mock volleyball court in the gym and play doubles some day soon for a new fitness challenge. Check out the video below for a example of one of the greatest American sports, Hooverball.




3 rounds

Rotating EMOM 30sec of work, 30sec of rest

Assault bike

American KB Swings



10min AMRAP "Cindy"

1 round of Cindy consists of 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats


5 Rounds

4 Med Ball Cleans

6 Med Ball Toe Touch Crunch

8 Med ball Overhead Lunges

*Same Weight for all 3 movements

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