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Halloween Party - Galey Farms

Hey Vic City,

With Halloween mid week this year, I wanted to get going on a Halloween gathering that took us out of our regular gym environment. In an attempt to be as inclusive as possible for members, and their families, I've settled on Galey Farms - Festival of Fear. Here is some general information taken straight from their website.

"Festival Of Fear - signature event has four main venues, featuring a Haunted House for kids, and the much, much scarier 6000 square foot Carnevil Haunted House for adults - runs nightly 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

The first ticket for any of the four venues is $12 per adult and $8 per child (12 and under). Second, third and fourth venue ticket may be purchased for only $6 more each for adults, $5 more each for kids 12 and under. All prices plus taxes."

The four main venues include the "Cornfield of Horror", the "Crazy Train", "Madame Isabella's Seance", and "Carnevil." For more information, check out the Galey's Farm Website

The plan for the Vic City crew:

Meet at Galey Farms on Saturday, October 27th, at 7pm. Wait to purchase your tickets after I meet with the manager, and we can get a deal, $15 for 2 attractions, and $5 for any additional ones.

Bring the whole family, there should be something for everyone! Let me know if you have any questions, and join the Facebook event page if you plan on coming.

Race you through the corn maze! See you there!



Training Wednesday - Thursday


3 rounds - 10 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks, 10 Dowel OHS, 20 Medball feet taps


Hang Power Clean + Shoulder to Overhead

2 reps OTM x 8 rounds

- Rest 4 minutes -

Front Squat from the floor

3 reps OTM x 8 rounds

- Rest 4 minutes -

Double Unders 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off x 8 rounds

Score is sum of heaviest lifts in each section plus highest set of double unders

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